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Ángel P Olivares Espinosa
19th April 2020

Recommendation about what to do in Donostia / San Sebastian

Surely you came, come or would like to come to San Sebastián for its pintxos, festivals or its beautiful La Concha beach. On the other hand, you don’t have much time and you want to make the most of it. You are interested in visiting the most iconic places and fully knowing your destination, without neglecting the reality of the city outside of tourism and with your feet on the ground. So, these recommendations will help you a lot to spend unforgettable days in this beautiful city.
Donostia / San Sebastian and the Basque Coast have an important tourist legacy that began throughout the 19th century, but which took off with Queen María Cristina at the end of it. Interestingly, during that century the city was destroyed and later became a Mecca for European tourism. Since then various celebrations, events, dishes and gastronomic snacks have characterized this city and are the engine of its visitors. Thus, for example, there are the Film Festival, the Jazzaldia, the La Concha regattas or, of course, its famous pintxos.
You could visit this city and lose yourself in its streets at the most appropriate moments, but nevertheless, surely after some shows and bars you will start to ask yourself: how are these famous celebrations born, why is the city destroyed and then rebuilt with a different purpose? How are the pintxos born and at what point do they begin to massify? And finally, what is the future of this city and tourism in it?
If you are one of those who want to fully know the place you visit and you are not satisfied with being a mere observer and you want the company of someone who can connect the heritage of Donostia with you, you should continue reading this post and take a tour of those who I recommend.
At the end of the day, what better way to understand the past, present and future of Donostia / San Sebastian with the company of the best guides on their tours specially designed to understand the city as one more inhabitant.
Here are some recommendations to do in one day, starting with a bicycle tour in the morning, a walking route in the afternoon and ending with a pintxos tour at night.

Bicycle tour in San Sebastian by Urban Adventures

San Sebastián is a relatively small city with less than 200 thousand inhabitants, which means that if you take a bicycle you can travel almost entirely in a few hours. It is also a dynamic city; with its new walk, the Urumea river and its Urgull, Ulia and Igeldo mountains for example.
Many people usually opt for a bicycle tour to get to know a city, since it allows you to move quickly and comfortably, even more so if it is an electric bicycle, such as those of Urban Adventures in San Sebastián.
There are around a dozen companies that offer bicycle tours, however you will find the best value for money with Urban Adventures, their electric bicycles, local guides and more than 7 years of experience. On the other hand, in your tours you will not find yourself visiting only the typical places for your selfie, but also places that perhaps you had not heard of and that will bring you even closer to the city, as one more inhabitant.
In addition, they carry out other tours that may interest you, such as a tour of Mount Urgull. More information on the Urban Adventures San Sebastián website
One tip, use the UASEB2 code to get 10% off the price.

Walk the parks, gardens and palaces of San Sebastian with us, Basque Nomads

San Sebastián, being relatively small, can be covered very quickly and with a bicycle tour with Urban Adventures and one of pintxos with Eat One Feed One you are almost gone for the whole day and you finish covering most of the tourist attractions of this city. However, there is something else, its parks, gardens and palaces, places where the origin of this young and new image of modern and tourist city was forged.
Thus, in this tour we will visit little-visited places in the city, visiting neighborhoods, parks, gardens and palaces that are located mostly outside the first line of the sea and require entering environments where ordinary San Sebastián lives its day at day and also night.
This alternative route will serve to take you to places that you would not find within a typical tourist brochure; such as caves, forests, lagoons and huge trees that keep stories of how this city went from being a destroyed military plaza to the pearl of the Cantabrian Sea.
We will unmask myths about this city and learn the stories of the most hated characters in this territory.
In addition, we carry out other tours that may interest you, such as a tour in the Geopark of the Basque Coast. More information HERE
One tip, use the PROMO5 code to get 5% off the price.

Pintxos tours in San Sebastian by Eat One feed One

San Sebastián is ideal for lovers of good drinking and eating, and an experience where you can understand the past and present of San Sebastián’s culinary culture is something very important to do if you want to experience one of the most outstanding aspects of this city. However there are many pintxo tours and it can be a bit difficult to find the perfect one… look no further than here it is.
A pintxos tour with Eat One Feed One, beyond being a gastronomic immersion to get to know San Sebastián and understand the local lifestyle, history and culture; is to give and receive. Thus, for each person who joins the tours, Eat One Feed One donates the equivalent of one meal to the city’s soup kitchen. What more to ask. It tastes good and feels good! The best way to help generate a positive social impact while enjoying what for many is the best of San Sebastián, its pintxos!
In addition, they carry out other tours that may interest you, such as one of pastries, sweets and cakes from the city. More information on the Eat One Feed One website

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